Divorce Different™ Coaching : You are here for a reason.

1-on-1 Work

  • Do you feel alone in the divorce process and need someone with knowledge about it and experience with it to talk it all through with?
  • Does it seem like you can’t make a decision and stick with it and you are not even sure if any decision you make is the right one anyway?
  • Do you need some help staying true to your highest self  – because it is damn hard?

Then, you have come to the right place.  Right here.  Right now.

If you are looking for someone who can help with the logistics of the process (I am an attorney and mediator too), the technicals, the communication and the spiritual components that will serve you best, let’s work together now.

We will work together to dive deep and pluck out and breathe more life into the goodness of what is you and how you wish for your life to be.  We work on honing your own intuition so that the decisions you make come from that place of highest self.
We work on trusting yourself and knowing that you can walk through this process and from here redesign your life.

Divorce coaching is not legal advice and not therapy.  It is about getting grounded in the present so that you move into the future a more balanced, loving and strong human being.

My coaching is a spiritual exercise.

And, here is what you will receive with a coaching package :

  • 3 to 4 30-min sessions each month [you choose your package]
  • sessions are via Skype or over the phone
  • customized homework each and every week to support you through your own process
  • a proven method to navigating the divorce process and beyond
  • a personalized visualization and meditation for your own journey
  • all of the resources in my brain (connections with people, books, articles, courses, etc.) that have to do with your goals and challenges
  • email support between sessions


  • Receive the North Star Sessions™ (lifetime membership)!
  • Receive the new Divorce Vows™ Kit that has not yet been released!

Here are some of the services that I pull from in working with my clients :

Strategic Actions

  • Settlement Agreement. We work through the settlement agreement with an eye toward the way each paragraph makes you feel. We make sure you know it intimately, and that it is aligned with your own needs and desires. We also work on letting go of any resentments as they arise.
  • Attorney communication assistance. Smoother, more direct, and less nerve-wracking. We work together so that you feel more confident and clear in what you need to communicate so that your relationship with your attorney is easy and supportive.
  • Non-violent communication techniques. Stand your ground in a loving and smart way. Learn to communicate instead of fight.
  • The best of your local resources. Mediators, therapists, astrologers, massage therapists, child care, jobs – I do the research for you and provide you with my findings.
  • Legal resources. Links to legal information for your state.
  • Budgeting. Help with setting up this basic and crucial tool for yourself and your family, for the divorce process and into the future.
  • Time management. So that you feel stronger, less drained.
  • Communicating with your boss. How to say only what needs to be said.
  • Communicating with a narcissistic spouse. Specific and useful techniques to put into action.
  • Dealing with the naysayers. Communicate effectively and set the necessary boundaries.

Healing Actions 

  • Ayurveda analysis. Discover your dosha and how that vital information can help you take good care of yourself during this difficult time.
  • Grounding exercises. Visualizations and affirmations to help you with any situations that bring up fear, anger, the feeling that you can’t think straight – as well as to help you create your future life.
  • Intuitive Readings. To help you to get clear about what is important to you in the process and determine alternative actions to take in helping you make difficult decisions.
  • Custom-prescribed yoga. Restorative, and specifically for your dosha type.
  • Reiki. An energy-clearing session to help you create space in yourself.
  • Help creating a spiritual space, healing corner, or meditation area in your home to help you take care of yourself through the process.
Want to talk with me first?  Call me now (202) 587-2772 or email me : candace@candacesmyth.com.

Option A: Five 30-minute sessions per month, unlimited email support, customized resources report,1-hour Ayurveda/self-care session (telephone, Skype or in person if local), plus an additional hour of personalized review of your settlement agreement not as an attorney but as your coach tapping into how each paragraph really makes you feel and what is right for you.

Investment: $1399/ month 

Option B: 1 — 1-hour clarity session, 4- 30-minute sessions per month, unlimited email support and customized resources report.

Investment: $999/month

Option C: Three 30-minute sessions per month and email support.

Investment: $499/ month