Why Buying More Bras Matters

I am up early this morning. Our dog, Emily, didn’t sleep all night. I am wondering if it was that pair of my absolute favorite — never before have had a pair of shoes like these — shoes she ate last night. Maybe it was time for them to go, but I am having a really hard time letting go of them.
But I digress because I wanted to say is that I am up so early this morning the light is not even here. I am about to see the sun rise.

But those shoes.

They were not only comfortable (I walked all over DC with them.) but cute. Is it okay for me to realize that I want and need good shoes? Miz Mooz recommended, beyond highly. So, I think my lesson here is that I need to take a little better care of myself. It is not okay for me to rely on one pair of shoes to get me through a third Fall season (I am not joking.). It is not okay for me to try to get through another year with three total bras (Emily also destroyed two of my three bras this weekend.). I need to buy what I need. I should give myself a little more of a cushion.

And, I bet, so do you.

No one else can make you feel secure and nurtured.

It all comes from you, from the inside. I don’t buy myself bras because my mom always bought them for me. And, every time I buy one for myself, I feel sad because she is no longer here to buy them for me. I know this sounds silly, but it is true. And, I think so often I mix up not taking care of myself with feeling sad that my mom is not here to take care of me. Does that make sense? I have a choice each day. I can choose to be sad she is gone and let it prevent me from doing what I know needs to be done for me, or I can choose to step into my own care.

So, how can you make yourself feel nurtured, taken care of, secure this week? Make a list of 3 things. I’ll do it with you. (1. Buy myself some new shoes. Maybe even go over to DSW and buy a few pair. 2. Buy myself some bras :) 3. Schedule in and go to yoga three times this week.)

The light is coming up, but I still see the moon. The sky is that color crayon from a crayola set — midnight blue. Do you remember it? It used to be my favorite. I would select it every time to color my sky. I liked the name as much as the color. What a beautiful morning. When you are watching every detail, you tend to appreciate so much more. As I look at my to do list, instead of feeling the fears that come up, the resistance, the worry, I feel more whole and that quiet stillness that the sky and moon and morning light give to me.

I hope you too will take a moment this morning to look up and out into the sky, onto the trees. Be still. Go inward and know you are blessed, taken care of, and that all is well.


With love and light,

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