Are you looking for a divorce process that doesn’t box you in as enemies and lays the groundwork for successful co-parenting?


I’ve been there, and I know firsthand the all-encompassing overwhelm, the feeling that you’re crash-landing onto completely foreign territory – and the tracks that repeat endlessly in your head. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • How will I do this on my own?
  • How will I make this okay for the kids?
  • Is everything going to be bad for everyone forever now?
  • Should I just hang on a little longer?
  • How am I going to talk to my family?
  • How do we split up our friends?
  • What kind of lawyer do I need?
  • Do I even need a lawyer?
  • How can I get myself together enough to figure this all out?


Let’s be clear: you need a maximum of fuel for this journey.  You’re making difficult decisions, protecting yourself, possibly protecting children, securing and shaping a future that may be very hard to see at the moment, and taking care of the everyday details that aren’t going to take care of themselves.

This situation requires from you all of your strength, all of your focus, and all of your determination.

Based on my own experience (both as an attorney of 12+ years and personal), and my desire to find a better way, I designed The North Star Sessions to provide you with the fuel, the tools, and the vision necessary to make this huge experience as smooth, as humane, and as productive as possible.



Click below to listen to a one hour teleclass to get a sense of some of what you will learn in the program :


How does it work?

The North Star Sessions take place over the course of six weeks and are structured to help you learn:

  • Exactly what you need in your self-care toolbox. I provide an Ayurveda dosha test and analysis and identify the foods and herbs that are right for your dosha. I also teach you the fundamentals of yoga for difficult emotional times, breathing exercises, meditations and visualizations – all with the end result of calming, centering, and strengthening you.  You choose which of the myriad of tools I give you work best for you.  Only you know.
  • Simple, effective techniques for non-violent communication, including response scripts for difficult emails.  I’ll teach you how to communicate with your spouse, your families and your friends; how to prepare for family gatherings; and how to make all of your communication smoother and less contentious, without losing sight of what matters most to you.
  • How to meet your financial goals and figure out what you need : including how to use the child support calculators, figure out your budget and what to ask for.  I’ll help you figure out what you need to live your best life after your divorce, as well as creative ways to get what you need.
  • How to negotiate effectively and honestly.  The fundamentals to making sure you are in the process as your highest self.  Working on and releasing fears so that you can communicate effectively in mediation, with your attorney, or the courtroom.
  • How to navigate the big picture. I’ll show you, gently but practically, how to move through the grief. And then, I’ll help you manifest your ideal life after divorce.


When our 6 weeks together are up, you will:

  • Have absolutely beautiful clarity around how you’re going to get through your divorce
  • Understand what you really need: body, mind and soul
  • Know how to communicate your feelings clearly and consciously, without guilt
  • Have the tools you need to maintain boundaries and respect in your exchanges with others – even if they are being difficult or antagonistic
  • Accept the new relationship you have with your partner, whether you’re separated or still sharing a home
  • Have an action plan to follow for the next six months, so that you’ll know how to continue to move forward in a very conscious way
  • Be able to breathe again
  • Know you are supported

With the North Star Sessions program, you receive : 
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to the six modules of content-rich material (audios, videos, and worksheets).
  • 6 group content-specific, Q & A calls, one each week (you can submit questions anonymously).

If you’re in the process of a separation or divorce, and you know you need extra care, guidance and support to carry you through this time in your life, then you won’t want to miss this practical, dynamic program.

The North Star: Navigate an ending. Create your new beginning.  



(100% money-back guarantee. If after the six week program, you do not feel that it helped you feel calmer, more centered, and ready to make a real change to your life, I will happily return your money. All of it! That’s how strongly I believe in The North Star Sessions – and I know how important money is to you right now.)


What others have said about the North Star Sessions™ and working with Candace :


When my husband and I decided to split, we placed our focus on the needs of our kids and our ability to successfully co-parent. This worked for us; however, I put myself on the proverbial backburner. It wasn’t until I participated in Candace Smyth’s North Star Sessions that I was able to shift my focus on myself and gain greater clarity on my own needs. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is considering a separation/divorce or is currently in the process of one. -Julie Smith,

Working with Candace was amazing. She is supportive, nurturing, empathetic, compassionate and has an uncanny knack for showing you where to find the “light” in what literally feels like darkness.

She never judged me nor told me what to do which honestly was a breath of fresh air considering most of my friends and family all seemed to have the “right” answer. She listened with love and when necessary made suggestions on how to make my life easier. She was a God-send in a time where I was unraveling.

My journey is far from over but Candace offered me tools that are invaluable that I can turn to when I need them. I will forever be grateful for her kindness and love. -Kimberly R., Pennsylvania

I really believe in what Candace Smyth is bringing into the world, and I KNOW that she’s an industry legend. I trust my family and friends to her, and I mean it. -Dyana Valentine


Candace is like your best girlfriend-meets smart as a whip lawyer with heart-meets intuitive mentor who actually CARES about your situation and knows exactly what you need to do to move forward. So often people in the legal fields come off as “me-me-me” and Candace is anything but that. She takes care of you and at the same time, nudges you along gracefully and subtly so you feel awesome about who you are and like someone has your back throughout all the craziness. Rock on Soul Sister!

-Diana Dorell



The work I did with Candace came at a time when I was overwhelmed and felt very isolated. I was afraid to make any changes in my relationship because of the fear of change and the unknown. Candace gave me information that empowered me. I felt informed and educated and had several resources that I could use when needed. She gave me the courage to take one tiny step at a time and I am forever grateful.

-Amanda, Virginia

Candace has an incredible and unique ability to identify solutions and bring healing to complex and highly charged emotional situations. Her guidance is gentle yet firm. She helps people transition through the uncertain terrain of life by reminding them of hope and their inner strength. She offers highly evolved insight as well as practical tools for the many stages of a life transition. She is the lighthouse during the storm. I highly recommend working with Candace.

-Mandy P., Maryland