One Sure Way to Get What You Need.

This morning, the air is really crisp and cool.  Fall is here!  I have all of the windows open, and the birds are all chirping.  I even have on my comfy socks this morning — I love this weather!  With it, for me, comes a new time.  I have an impetus to wake up earlier and feel more like going for a run.  I feel more alive somehow with this change in season most especially.  So, I have committed to some new things for me.  And, today is the beginning.


What new committments can you make?

Here are some possibilities :

  • A daily giving ritual – (1) Give to yourself first : spiritual practice, reflection time, and daily nourishment for your body.  (2) Give to another one super intentional thing a day.  (3) At night before bed, write down the gifts you received that day.
  • Make your green juice every day and drink 1 to 2 glasses of it each day.
  • Begin each day with an affirmation and end each day with one.
  • Go to a yoga class three times a week.
  • Wake up earlier so you can have some alone time.
  • Create a new vision board.

Only you know what you really need.  Take this morning to commit to inviting this change of habit into your life.


You will notice that I started the possibilities with the daily giving ritual.  I was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last week and heard Cynthia Kersey speak.  At that event, we gave enough to provide for five new schools and water supply system for five villages in Africa.  Read about Cynthia’s Unstoppable Foundation here.  I realized that I needed very much to give back more in my community and to other issues on which I care deeply.  I have been stagnate lately – concentrating on my business and my family but knowing I can give even more.


It is when we are at our darkest too, as in going through divorce, that we become so focused on ourselves and the mess of our own situation.  By giving, you are able to step out of that mindset.  When you give frequently, you are in a steady flow and there is no stagnation.


If you want to receive more, give more.  More time, energy, a smile, help with the groceries, it can be money too.  Whatever is before you right now.  Where you see the need.


Can this apply in the divorce process itself?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Do you notice how the principle of flow shows up in divorce?  When neither you nor your partner want to give on anything, you stay in a space of stagnate anger and resentment.  You are both pulling and no movement can occur.  It is only when one gives that movement happens.  Only when one gives can the other receive, then with receiving the other may give or the universe will give back in some other way.  But, we must let go to the universal way.  When you stop the flow, you don’t receive.  If you want to squelch the flames of anger, make a different and unexpected move.  Be giving.  Give something you have been fighting tooth and nail for (something that you realize you were fighting for to make a point or fighting for it to help heal the hurts deep within).  Take the road less traveled.  Test it.  Give.  Receive.


With love and light,

P.S.  With this new season, I want to make sure everyone is taking care of themselves.  I am offering a 45 minute ayurveda consultation for $49 (regular $200).  Go here to schedule your session.  The consultation will go through the specifics of your dosha type and give you insights into your vedic astrology chart as well.  If you are separating or divorcing, we can also talk about your partner’s dosha and how to use the knowledge in the divorce process itself.  This is the first time I have offered this and I will only be offering it at this price for two weeks.  If you have ever wanted to know more about Ayurveda, this is the time to learn.  Fall is the perfect time to make changes and fall into the rhythms of the universe.  Here’s the link again.

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