Practical + Healing Interview Series with Divorce-Related Professionals

Every week, I’ll be interviewing a wide variety of professional experts who can give you tips for preparing for, going through and healing from the divorce process. Each interview is just 30 minutes. Find the replays and extra resources below.

Jennifer Kogan :: Your Toolbox for Your Kids.

Jennifer Kogan is a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) who offers individual, couple, and family therapy in her NW Washington, DC private practice.
Jen specializes in support and counseling for parents (individual and couple) who have children of all ages in addition to postpartum anxiety and depression counseling. Jen also offers groups and workshops in the DC-area focusing on the science of self-compassion, tuning into the self, and shame resilience.

As a parent of two school-aged children herself, Jen is familiar with the joys and struggles that go along with parenting in today’s fast-paced world. With more than 18 years of clinical experience, Jen believes that we are all doing the best we can and that sometimes we just need a little help. Jen is an experienced and caring clinician who works with clients to create and maintain a life filled with joy, connection, and growth.

Find out more about Jen and the upcoming Parents in Tune session at Lil Omm Yoga on Sunday, June 21 at 6:30 p.m. at

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Stacey Martino :: Heal the Relationship Even if Divorce is the Answer.

Stacey Martino is the love and passion expert.  Stacey and her husband Paul are the founders of Love and Passion Coach dot com, where couples create an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime! Stacey and Paul created their own magnificent love affair and together developed their proven eight step Relationship Transformation System™ for helping people to create their own unshakable love and unleashed passion!

Stacey began in personal development over 17 years ago.  She is trained and certified as a Marriage Educator, Divorce Preventionist, Strategic Interventionist and Coach by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes of the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.  Stacey and Paul are consistently sought after to help people all around the world repair and transform their intimate relationships.  They are known for achieving astounding and rapid results!  Stacey and Paul live and love happily together in Bucks County PA with their two small children!

You can find out more about Stacey and her work at

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Natanya Lara :: Intentional Parenting Through Divorce.

As an intentional parenting coach, Natanya works with parents who are struggling with parenting and are challenged and triggered by their children’s behavior.  With authenticity and compassion, she guides her clients in creating a parenting practice that is based in their values, which provides the foundation for confident, empathic parenting. Natanya has been a stay-at-home mom, full-time working mom, entrepreneur mom, married mom, and solo mom,  She has two boisterous boys, ages 5 and 7, who keep her on her toes and practicing her own work daily.  Visit her at, to receive your free audio class, The Key to Intentional Parenting.  And, don’t miss her parenting summer camp!


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Rachel Strisik :: Dealing with your “stuff” at the end of a marriage.

Rachel Strisik is an organizing extraordinaire – Rachel uses creativity, style and a little elbow grease to help clients get their homes, schedules and lives in order. A professional organizer, Rachel empowers her clients to live more organized, productive lives.  Over the course of her career, she has worked on Capitol Hill and with start-ups. Most recently, she served as Director of Operations for a national personal styling company, Style for Hire, co-founded by celebrity stylist Stacy London from TLC’s What Not to Wear.  Rachel lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband and five year-old identical twin daughters.  Read more about her and how to get organized at :

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Chris Brasacchio :: Financial planning in divorce.

Chris Brasacchio has been in the financial planning business for over 20 years.  He is a certified financial planner and has his own fee-based planning firm, Chart House Financial, in the Washington, DC metro area.  You can find more about Chris and his work at

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Linda Tabach :: Easy Care of Your Body Through Divorce.


Linda Taback is a holistic health coach, blogger, writer, running coach, half marathoner, mom of two grown children.  Linda received her health coaching certification fro the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and works mainly with women going through midlife transitions.  Linda has been featured in the Huffington Post and the book Health Tipping Point.  You can find her and more information about nutrition, healing, and running at

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Amy Tatsumi — Vulnerability and Daring Greatly in Divorce

Amy is a licensed professional counselor, psychotherapist, and board certified art therapist in Washington, DC.  She specializes in working with women who are depressed, anxious, stressed, in transition, or who feel stuck to help them live a more balanced life with meaningful connections.  Amy is currently working with Brene Brown to Connections Certification .  To learn more about Amy and her work, go to her website :

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Laurie Erdman — Beating Burnout : Divorce and Energy

Laurie Erdman, JD, MS, CHHC is a sought after Get More Energy Expert, coach, speaker and writer who inspires, trains and mentors companies and individuals to extinguish burnout and unleash their energized potential and profitability. Creator of the Burnt Out To Balanced SystemTM, Laurie’s mission is helping professionals, executives and aspiring executives recover from or avoid burnout so they can advance their careers and ignite their lives. Laurie relies on her experience in the legal, business and health field, as well as her personal experience with burnt out to help people ignite their lives and companies ignite their productivity. Visit to receive your free report and start a fire in your life.

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Claire Gillenson : Understanding How Grief Plays Out in Divorce

As a grief-o-logist, Claire works with people who are seemingly ‘thriving’ on the outside, but are grieving inside. She specialize in losses that are not part of mainstream conversations.  Pet loss, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, suicide, recovery and divorce support are some of the “elephants in the room” she shines healing light onto. Her approach is intuitive and integrative, melding Reiki and Masters Degrees knowledge with real-life action steps to all areas of one’s life- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Today, she is blessed to use all of her gifts to help people who are ready to move through pain without the suffering. You can find her locally in Los Angeles, virtually via phone sessions and globally via Skype.  A published author, speaker , Claire is also a webinar presenter and member of IAAHPC, expert consultant for,  member of AHVMA, PLPA, Resolve, and the founder of Luxepets LLC, a luxury inspirational keepsakes company.  She has been featured in Marie Claire, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, Body + Soul, and Good Morning America.   Contact info:    email:  Phone :  310-314-9837

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  • Claire also created this pdf for friends of your’s :: 10waystohelpsomeonethroughadivorceOL

Tina Swithin – How to Divorce a Narcissist

Tina Swithin has spent almost four years acting as her own attorney in a horrific divorce and custody battle with someone with whom she believes falls into the Cluster B Personality Disorder — Narcissism. From dealing with her own very high conflict divorce, she started a blog in November 2011, “One Mom’s Battle.” That blog gained international attention which has led to her writing a book that comes out this month — Divorcing a Narcissist : One Mom’s Battle. You can find her at

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Kimberly Graham – The Legal Options in Divorce.

Kimberly Graham is a guide, a peace-bringer, a voice of calm experience. She helps smart, forward-thinking people navigate the swirling waters of divorce. For over 12 years she’s been helping people in and around the legal system — she’s also a lawyer and divorce mediator. She works with clients on this journey by teaching them mindfulness and meditation so they can be happier and more peaceful after divorce than before. Her High Road Divorce program teaches everything from which lawyer or mediator to choose to what to bring to meetings with your lawyer, to how to create the life you want to how to find happiness again. You can find her at

Here’s the link to the great tips Kimberly mentions in the interview about getting through the holidays.

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Susan Quinn –
Use EFT to help calm anxiety and ground us as we go through divorce.

Susan Quinn has been a licensed psychotherapist and Life Coach in Beverly Hills for the past 20 years. She specializes in helping her clients remove Fears and Limiting beliefs about themselves, using energy therapies, so that they can finally create the things in life that they want. Visit her website and call her for a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss any issue you may have at 310-600-3458 .

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Anthony Carducci – October 18, 2012
Taking Care of Your Children Now For Tomorrow.

Anthony Carducci is an estate planning attorney in the Washington, DC metro area.  Frustrated with the way big law firms and other attorneys handled delicate family planning relating to wills, trusts     and probate matters, Anthony decided to found his own law firm in 2008.  He and his firm focus on serving people who want to guarantee their plan will work when their family needs it most and know that his firm is there to advise their family when they can’t be.

Anthony comes to estate planning honestly.  When he was just 12 years old, he lost his mother suddenly and he and his family found themselves in a situation they were totally unprepared for.  Unfortunately, the estate planning work his parents had done, did not fund a trust to work during their most dire time of need.

To learn more about Anthony and his firm, go to

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Donna Burgher – October 11, 2012
Using the Passion Test to Claim Your New Beautiful Life.

Donna Burgher is an Advanced Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Law of Attraction Teacher, Energy Light Worker, Speaker and the CEO of 2 companies.  She is the founder of Empower With Passion ~ Create A Life You Love! and Empower Kids With Passion ~ Life Skills with a Twist!Donna has extensive training in The Law of Attraction & The Passion Test, and was personally trained by Janet and Chris Attwood, co-authors of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test ® The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose.

~ Have you come to a crossroads – wondering, what’s next for me? ~ Do you lack clarity, direction and focus? ~ How do you discover your life’s purpose?~ Are you looking for more happiness & success?  What’s the  missing ingredient?…Passion!  Empower With Passion offers a simple yet highly transformational formula to creating a life you love ~ with clarity and purpose.

Passion + Mindset = Happiness

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Theresa Reed – October 4, 2012
How to Use Intuitive Readings During the Divorce Process

Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive Tarot reader, astrologist & yogi with more than twenty years of professional experience. She’s devoted to helping people make better decisions & lead happier
lives — using Tarot as an instigational tool for confident, bold & emotionally-intelligent action — in life, in love & in business.
When she’s not thumbing through her favorite deck or lip-syncing to gangsta rap, you can find Theresa chilling around her virtual ‘hood at and on Twitter at @thetarotlady.


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 Amber McCue – September 28, 2012|
Be the Leader of Your Life.

Amber McCue is an entrepreneurial business coach and small business consultant, teaching leaders how to run a business that amps their bottom line. Not only has Amber coached business leaders running up to $30 million dollar budgets, but she has experience running her own business as the cofounder of a photography boutique.


Amber is a workaholic turned buisness philanthropist. She is currently consulting with entrepreneurs and small buisness owners one-on-one and in her group program called How To Clone Yourself. Amber can be found at

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Also, here is the link to apply for a free cloning :  And, if you want to jump into the How to Clone Yourself group, here’s the link :

Kim Bernal-Smith – September 20, 2012
Being there for your children in divorce.

 Kim Bernal-Smith is known as an expert in intuitive parenting, inspirational speaker and advocate. Kim is a #1 best selling author with the release of her highly lauded book, “Succeeding In Spite   of Everything.” Uniquely talented at creating the most positive environment for the child and parents to have a mutually satisfying relationship, Kim’s passion is looking into the heart and soul of parents and kids and then using her amazing behavioral analysis skills to identify solutions related to her clients strengths and desired outcomes. Dedicating her life to helping others, Kim’ process is always based on a family/team approach. She helps parents realize the true experience of why they had children in the first place.

Starting her advocacy in her teens, Kim volunteered as a peer counselor for suicidal youth and for Special Olympics. She has tremendous expertise in the fields of domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse and play therapy. After twenty years in the military treating and advocating for military members and their families she continues her quest to support these group as a consultant for the Department of Defense. She has studied with the College of Executive Coaching and is a Certified Professional Coach in addition to holding licensure as a clinical social worker in Alaska, and New Mexico with specialties in school and medical social work. An amazing teacher and highly sought out presenter, Kim is a human service professional whose knowledge, skill and ability in child development, family dynamics and psychosocial communication is nothing less than outstanding.

A veteran of the Army National Guard and active duty Air Force, Kim loves to travel the world and experience all life has to offer with her life and business partner and furry kids. They currently live in the District of Columbia and hail from Arizona and Alaska. They are in the process of adopting their first children.  You can find Kim at

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Bari Tessler – September 10, 2012
Going deep with money.

Bari Tessler, M.A., is a Financial Therapist and the founder of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method: Tools For Financial Transformation™. She offers online money programs as well as private Financial    Therapy for women, couples, and creative solopreneurs.  Bari holds a Masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University. She originally worked as a body-centered therapist, leading authentic movement groups, working in Hospice and later ran a bookkeeping practice.

In 2001, Bari founded Conscious Bookkeeping, based on her 3 Doorways for Financial Transformation: Financial Therapy, Values Based Bookkeeping and Life Vision Planning. The business quickly grew from a one-woman operation into a team of six other accounting, psychology, coaching, and investment professionals. Then, with the birth of her son in 2008, Bari successfully evolved back into a one-woman rockin’ show as a mommypreneur, updating her business model to honor the importance of spending lots of time with her family.

Her teaching combines practical action steps, a wealth of therapeutic experience, and game-changing inspiration to help her clients transform their relationships with money, body, mind and spirit.

To learn more about Bari and her work, go here:

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Monica Rodgers – September 6, 2012
How to have a loving separation and divorce.

Monica Rodgers is a serial entrepreneur, accomplished business woman, social media consultant, photographer, parenting goods designer, and mother of two. Monica still sells her ever popular brand of infant and toddler car seat covers on Facebook and has launched an exciting project that explores the inner and outer world of women through photographs, interviews and other forms of media called The Revelation Project.  Currently living in Wakefield Rhode Island, Monica has recently relieved herself of her undervalued position as wife after ten years marriage and gone on to cartwheel across lawns yet undiscovered in pursuit of zen, wacky and wonderful, an absolutely extraordinary journey. Find out more about Monica and The Revelation Project at

Follow Monica Rodgers on Twitter  and Facebook!

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Julie Smith – August 23, 2012
Communicating about divorce and how family can be reformed.

Parent coach and tween-to-teen communication specialist, Julie Smith, believes all parents can – and should – feel connected to their kids, so they both are confident in their relationship. She is passionate about helping families develop strong connections that promote healthy attitudes, behavior and character. She helps parents and their child identify and address their triggers, find solutions, get back on track and even have more fun along the way. With her guidance, parent-tween relationships quickly improve just by adding in new perspectives and strategies to help them confidently communicate, connect and engage with one another.

Julie is also the creator of Character Clubs, a character-based leadership program for children ages 4-9. Julie created the Character Coach program for parents and educators who want to lead their own Character Clubs program. Her book, Mommyhood Diaries: Living the Chaos One Day at a Time, was also the 2006 Fresh Voices winner.

Each week, Julie and a team of tween-to-teens answer questions from “The Flipside of Parenting.” For more information, please visit

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Adam Abrahams – August 16, 2012
Estate Planning issues and tips.

Adam Abrahams is an attorney in Silver Spring, Maryland. His practice is concentrated in the areas of Tax Controversy and Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Probate Estates and Contracts. Adam, in addition to a law degree, has an Advanced Degree in Taxation from the Georgetown University Law Center and is licensed to practice law in Maryland, Ohio and the District of Columbia.

Adam helps clients meet their legal and tax planning goals and objectives in the areas of business tax planning, entity formation, wealth preservation, protection of assets and estate planning. The firm also counsels clients who have been contacted by the IRS regarding an audit or dispute of a tax return or a tax assessment.

Find out more about Adam and his practice at

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Paula Bisacre – August 9, 2012
Co-Parenting and Remarriage.

Paula Bisacre’s mission is have a positive impact on stepfamilies and remarried adults by providing solutions that increase happiness and success, as well as shift cultural perceptions about blended families. Paula is the founder of Remarriage LLC, a multimedia company that provides information, community and products that enhance the experience of remarriage and stepfamily living. Through Remarriage LLC’s online offering,, Paula provides practical solutions and resources for the ever-growing remarriage community. Her business venture, along with her personal experience of meeting the challenges that come with blending a stepfamily of seven, has put Paula at the forefront of the national stepfamily conversation.

As a trusted expert and advocate, Paula frequently speaks, writes and consults about stepfamily issues and was the creator of the monthly remarriage column in The Washington Times and the Remarriage Showcase for Encore Brides (, the premier showcase for the remarrying bride. Paula has also authored the book, Journal for Stepmoms and has been seen in,,,, The Washington Post, and the Canadian television show, Family Matters. She is actively involved in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation where she has served on the board of directors for the MD chapter, and currently is on the Board of Advisors for the USA Blended Family Association.
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Diana Dorell – August 2, 2012
When to know you are ready for a new relationship.

Diana Dorell is known as the CEO Psychic™ and she helps women visionaries trust their Inner CEO and communicate effectively in their business messaging, relationships and love life. She is a speaker, business mentor and radio host on the IPPA award-winning online station for spirituality, SoulsJourneyRadio. She splits her time between Scottsdale, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently writing her first book about love and intuition. To learn more about how she can help you, please visit her website at

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Click here to download a copy of Diana’s Mantras for Manifesting Healthy Relationships

Ron Schwartz – July 26, 2012
Mortgage loan issues and the spousal buy-out.

Ron Schwartz is a Senior Mortgage Loan Consultant with Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc. (REMN) in Rockville, Maryland.  He has over 10 Years of Mortgage lending experience.  Ron is an expert in residential mortgage lending but specializes in lending to those with more complex needs.  These include lending to high net-worth individuals, self-employed borrowers, foreign nationals, those needing Reverse Mortgages and families with special estate-planning or unique legal requirements.  Ron consults regularly with trusted advisors such as Family Law Practitioners, CPA’s and Financial Planners who leverage his knowledge and experience to guide their clients successfully through today’s mortgage process.  Ron is licensed in Maryland, DC and Virginia (NMLS#47148) and can arrange for financing through REMN in most other States (REMN License #12402).  Find Ron at

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Amy Zellmer – July 19, 2012
Divorce and self-care.

Amy Zellmer is a photographic artist located in the Minneapolis area. she has been a photographer since the age of five, and a business owner since 1997. In 2004 she took the leap and opened a storefront studio in downtown Shakopee. She specializes in boudoir, pregnancy, newborn, and wedding photography, and has the uncanny ability of capturing the true essence of her clients. She has done work for Savvy MN Magazine and has had her work featured in numerous publications including Lavender Magazine, MN Bride, The Knot, Savvy Bride, Premier Bride, and Studio Photography & Design. Amy is active in the photographic community and believes in giving back through teaching and mentoring.  Find Amy at

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Teri Goetz, CPC, MS, L.Ac. – June 28, 2012
Using affirmations and how to turn around victim-speak.

Teri Goetz, CPC, MS, L.Ac., is a Women’s Transformational Expert and Life Mentor who has created the Personal Transformation Method™ of helping women reinvent themselves when faced with one of life’s major milestones. She is fast becoming a leader in women’s transformation, and created her programs based on her unparalleled experience as a life coach, practitioner of Chinese medicine with a specialty in fertility, pregnancy and menopause, a labor support doula, childbirth educator and hypnotist, and more.  Through her own divorce she learned how to repurpose the energy and emotion of a transition into personal transformation. This leads to enormous joy and happiness. Teri’s programs help women move quickly over the hurdles of change and emotion, and swiftly into transforming their lives. She works with women 1:1, in VIP days of transformation in which she provides coaching, mentoring, personalized meditations, affirmations and visualizations. She is a writer, speaker and workshop leader. She is remarried and lives with her husband and their blended family in NY.  Find Teri at

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