Monday Morning Light: This is your brain on divorce.

I spent the weekend at Luminous Warrior in DC.  This workshop was the first of 9 levels in the Path of Power program, and the next level is being taught April 23-34 (check it out, powerful!). 

Over this weekend, we learned about empowering the mind.  I have two things to share about the weekend.  First of all, since I have lived in this city, I have always held the thought that everyone is more conservative or not interested in healing — (judgment? yes.  And, I know how ridiculous it sounds).  I just did not believe I could find a community of like-minded people.  Part of it is having worked as an attorney in corporate and government law for much of that time, but what I realize is I was limiting myself by the thought.  

That thought was blown out of the water this weekend, and I realized that by judging and believing in the limitations of my city, I had closed myself off to the possibilities.  So grateful for that lesson learned.  

Secondly, I want to share just a little about what I learned on how the brain works, something I had heard before but not quite like this.  

There are four brains at work within each of us :

  • The Reptilian brain : our survival or automatic functioning brain, procreation.  It measures time by the last time you ate.
  • The Mammalian (or Limbic) brain : emotions, fight – flight – freeze brain, fornication.  It measures time by ecstatic events.
  • Neocortex : science or rational brain.  It measures time linearly.
  • Pre-Frontal : universal brain, brain of the third eye.  There is no time.
4 brains

We mostly live in the Mammalian and Reptilian brains.  We should strive to live in all 4.  When we feel high anxiety, depression, loneliness, we are in the Limbic brain.  We can SO get stuck there, can’t we?  This is the place we feel hurt, feel trampled, feel angry.  All of our feelings are there.  When we get stuck it is beyond helpful to have tools in place to get us unstuck.  You want to move into the Neocortex brain to calm the parasympathetic nervous system.  

To move into the Neocortex, you can start to do some simple math.  (i.e., 2+2=4, 2+5=7)  Or, count.  

These exercises are comparable to the “I’m back” technique that Josh Pais taught and I mentioned in a previous MML from his Committed Impulse program.

The pre-frontal lobes, the god brain so to speak, is only recently coming into our knowledge stream.  We can go there by gently tapping at our third eye.  Kris Karr has raved about the benefits of tapping.  Carol Look also provides tons of resources on the subject of tapping.  You can also do ceremony, read wisdom cards, tarot, stones, connect with nature to get there.  It is our universal brain where there is unconditional love and abundance.  Here are a couple of audios with Dr. David Perlmutter, a board certified neurologist, and Alberto Villoldo Ph.D., a psychologist and medical anthropologist, on the neuroscience of enlightenment.

Journal Prompts

  1. Where in your life have you noticed getting stuck in the Mammalian or Limbic brain?  
  2. Have you experienced the pre-frontal lobe? And, what were you doing when you were there?

Action Steps

Take action now.  

  1. Set an intention for yourself to notice next time you get into your emotional stuckness or Mammalian brain, and create a go to action plan for stepping into your Neocortex.  
  2. Do it.  Practice it.  Make it part of your routine self-care work. 


I want to hear about what you think and how you have taken that action step this week.  Please talk with me on my Facebook page or send me an email at  


The divine light in me honors the divine light in you,  



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