Monday Morning Light: Bring in the Spring

So often, one of the fears that comes up for people is “will I ever be loved again?”  Once I am divorced and single, how can I go through that again?  Will I ever fall in love with someone new?

That fear gets us outside of ourselves.  When we allow that thought to penetrate, take us over, we are no longer present and we are no longer strong in ourselves.  Read this aloud :

For in blooming, we attract others; in being so thoroughly who we are, an inner fragrance is released that calls others to eat of our nectar.  And we are loved, by friends and partners alike.  — Mark Nepo

We as human beings are still very much a creation just like the honey bee.  We intuitively know when someone is open to love, open to getting to know someone.  At the same time, we know when there is no nectar.  We work to build up the love we have for ourselves so that we are strong enough to handle anything that comes our way.  And, we are.   We are each placed ever so gently and perfectly on this planet to endure what we have endured.  We have each been blessed with a particular story and the ability to overcome exactly what we have overcome.


The more we build up our own nectar, so to speak, the stronger, more vibrant, sexy, beautiful we become.  The less we think about attracting love but just concentrate on our own goodness, the more love comes.  (Does the flower really do anything but blossom and wait patiently? The bee just comes.)  As with the bee, there are so many hungry potential partners looking for someone just like you — wise, beautiful, soulful you.

Journal Prompt

  1. Has this been a fear you have been stressing about lately?  If so, journal about the fear.  Where does it come from, how can you notice when it comes up and redirect the energy?

Action Step

Take action now.

  1. Come up with an action plan for yourself in dealing with this fear.  Whenever the fear comes up, do something for yourself to build up your strength such as:  meditate to clear the mind, do some yoga (or just do a forward fold to clear the mind — breathe), breathe breathe breathe, pray that you will see what you need to see, give the worry up to the universe.

Go here for more resources on going through divorce and healing your way through it.  Please leave a comment below.  I want to hear about what you think and how you have taken that action step this week.  Let’s talk on the Facebook page or send me an email at

The divine light in me honors the divine light in you,


P.S. And, with this energy of Spring, I have to announce to you all that I have opened up my new office for mediation clients in Washington, DC : 1425 K St. NW, Washington, DC 20005.  My telephone number is (202) 587-2772.  More to come on this as well!

P.S.S. A new North Star Sessions is forming.  It will begin on May 2, 2012.  Join us!

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