Getting Back Up

Good morning beautiful ones,

So, I just had to take a moment to tell you a little about my last night and how it helped me to connect again with the pain of divorce.

I went to see Madonna with one of my best friends — a BFF for sure. One that you can tell anything to and know she gets you, understands and loves you for you. You know that kind of friend? She won an online contest two days before she flew here to go to the concert. Two tickets in Madonna’s Golden Circle. We were right by the stage.

What I didn’t realize about this show and MDNA 2012 is how much of it was about her divorce. She was angry angry angry (maybe still a little). She was hurt hurt hurt (and probably always will be a little) and is vulnerable. It was my own anger that I had not connected with for a long time. That back breaking hurt that almost drives us to hate. I’ve been there. But, last night, I was reminded of just how important that piece — the anger, resentment, the hurt, the pain — is to growing, healing and moving on. We should not hide it or try to not feel it. It’s there.

From “I Don’t Give A” : You were so made at me / who’s got custody / lawyers / suck it up / didn’t have a prenup,” followed by “tried to be a good girl / tried to be your wife / diminish myself / swallowed my life.”

It takes so much to get back up. But, Madonna is back up (even after paying up a reported $92 million to Guy Ritichie And, so will we all.

With pain, there is an ebb and flow. It is part of the fluidity of the universe. We can’t fight it or struggle with it, even though we want to, we must fly along side of it for awhile. And, as Madonna demonstrates, it helps to have an outlet — art, journaling, boxing, running. Get it out. Feel it.

I believe every one of us can work through the pain, the hurt, the anger. We can find a way to forgiveness, to let love in.

Join the North Star Sessions. This is the Madonna special :) I am going to keep the offers up — coaching, ayurveda — because I believe they are powerful beyond measure.

Think of it as church or a spiritual space for just us. I really want you there with me.

Lots of love,



  • remi

    this is so sweet, i love it. thank you for writing it and for being aware of madonna’s intent. the media likes to dismiss her as “desperate for attention.” and while she may be that (as anyone who chooses to be a celebrity is), she’s mainly an artist who puts her much of life experience into her work. it’s important that people know that. thanks again. -r.

    September 27, 2012
  • admin

    Thank you so much Remi. Having been with Madonna through many stages in her career and life, I know what you say to be so true. Thank you for sharing.

    September 27, 2012
  • This is a good lesson for all of us! She got back up and so will we all. How fast we get back up is in our control. Thank goodness for people like you who help us through the getting back up part. xo

    September 28, 2012

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