Endings are the Lessons of Impermanence

We are hunkered down with plenty of food, electronics charged, batteries galore, candles and headlamps at the ready, plenty of firewood too. We have been able to prepare, yet we still have no idea what is to come.

The weather, the universe, our moods and the complicated human psyche and human heart are constantly shifting. We change. We ebb and flow. We seek stillness and then move again. We move and then are still.

That nothing is static or permanent but fleeting and impermanent is the first great mark of existence, life.

We don’t always like to hear that or accept it. We want to control what happens, to make life better. This basic truth, however, means that life is not always going to go our way. It means there is always loss, always gain. It doesn’t feel good to the human ego. We don’t like it. We seek permanence and security. It is only with relaxing into the impermanence that we can accept the simple, yet obvious truth of change.

I really don’t want flooding, or a tree through our roof (we have had trees falling all around us these last two much smaller wind storms), I want us to be safe, and I really don’t want to be without electricity for days. But, what can I do? It is not up to me. So, what I know to be true is that although we may receive rain, wind, and damage in these next three days, the sun will be shining again later this week. I know it. I know that we should just be here now, in this moment, because our family doesn’t have the opportunity to hunker down together very often.

All relationships end (just as everything else in this world ends). We go through romance, struggle, commitment, and then end with separation or death. What is important to recognize is that it is all part of our evolution. Just as the hurricanes come into our universe to shift the oceans and shorelines for some divine plan, relationships end as they do so that we can unfold into the greater mystery, a higher spiritual peak that comes with letting go and moving forward.

In acknowledging that life is ever-changing and nothing is permanent, we take the first step to letting go. We also must sit with our suffering and not fight it or reach out to fight another because the suffering inside hurts so deeply. Just sit with ourselves as we are, in our suffering  It may be a dark place now, but soon you will see the sun. And, to be honest with ourselves and learn our own responsibility in an ending is the greatest gift we could give to ourselves, to our families.

Lots of love to everyone today and through this week. Take good care if you are on the East Coast, and I look forward to reaching out to you again next Monday. Please share your insights and stories with me. Let me know how I can support you further along your journey.

With love and light,

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