What are you dreaming about?

Good Morning!

Welcome this morning’s light with all your love and strength.

Our soul’s longing calls forth truth.  

Have you had any interesting dreams lately?  Tell me about them.

I love to interpret dreams. I also truly believe in the gift of them.  Two nights ago, I had a very vivid dream of a tornado coming through what looked like a hotel room with two twin beds.  I didn’t see it coming and it hit me on the back of my head.  I jumped into the open area between the two beds while it blew over.  I was okay but terrified and the backof my head really hurt.  It was so real.

Interpreting dreams is very personal so I won’t get too much into the interpretation of my dream.  Tornados are harbingers of change.  They are beautiful metaphors for life changes that we sense in our heart of hearts, are necessary, and upon us.   These divine forces of nature are among us but rare, and if they touch us — rarer still.

To have something like a tornado — massive wind, water, and energy rotating and in contact with both the surface of the Earth and air — come together in my dream is not a small statement.  It is a huge one.  And, my journaling about its significance helped spiral (literally) me into a new life shift.  It helped me to clarify some things in my own life.


Journal Prompt

  • Keep a journal by your bedside this week, and write about every dream you have.  First write what you remember from the dream and then journal about what you think it could mean.  Make sure to write a few notes down about your dream when you first wake from them so that you don’t lose the details.  Write down the colors, if there are any, the items — from the carpet to the lamp to the plate of grapes — and what is communicated.  If you are able to write a few notes down when you wake up, they will help you to journal about the entire dream in the morning.

Action Step

Take action now.

  • Explore your dreams, for at least this week.
  • Contact me to talk through some of your dreams and how they may relate to the part of the divorce or grief process you are going through.  Here’s my appointment calendar for next week.  Grab a free 15 minute dream spot by entering your email in the upper right of the page.   I will send you an email with the details!

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In light,

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