Are you strong enough? On rattlesnakes and the third chakra.

Hello again!  I missed you all last week.  I was on the Alabama-Florida line actually with my Granny on Monday morning.  She still lives in the woods and doesn’t have any internet service or wifi.  In fact, my iPhone had no reception.  I always wake up on Monday morning to write, but last week I couldn’t do it.  I needed the time with her, my Granny.  The strongest woman I know.

What does it mean to be strong?

My Granny at 85 still kills rattlesnakes that come through her yard with a hoe.  She even killed an alligator once a few years ago.  She lives on the edge of Alabama in Florida between two swamps so her yard is a swamp freeway, reptilian highway, road between.  But, that’s not what makes her strong.  She lived through some hard years with my grandaddy, an alcoholic with a multitude of health problems included some mental illness.  (I absolutely adored him.)  And, then, he committed suicide when she was just in her early 50s.  After he was gone, she turned down at least two marriage proposals.  Then, she lost two of her children — one, my mom, in a car accident and my uncle to cancer.  She still keeps going and that’s an understatement.

To me, strength is in the getting back up and putting one step in front of the other.  Strength is in the waking up and moving forward.  It’s in the experiencing of grief and still saying your prayers.  It’s in not quitting.  Strength is held in our hearts and bellies, and it is always there for us to tap into.  You can tap into it for your children or for others you love, but the true strength, the strength that will really get you back up after the most traumatic experience is what you do for yourself.

Mona Lisa Schulz says this of the third chakra, ” Your third chakra — which includes the digestive tract, liver, gall bladder, and kidneys — is your intuitive advisor that lets you know whether or not you’re strong enough to both fulfill your responsibility to others and fuel your self-esteem.”  So it is in this third chakra that we learn whether we are strong enough for what’s next.  She suggests focusing on the following mantra to get you back on track if you are having third chakra related health issues : “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, you’ll get what you need.”

The truth is, the universe always gives us exactly what we need.

If something has appeared along your road between, your own swamp freeway, it is here to teach you a lesson and to reveal to you a power that is within, a power to fix what’s broken and to heal what hurts, a power to get you beyond seeing just with your eyes but to lift you to seeing with something more.  It is here or was there to show you just how strong you are.

The universe also never gives us something we can’t handle.

By getting up and continuing in this life we are examples of the truth of that statement.

Journal Prompt

Make a list of all of the traumas you have dealt with this year.  List accomplishments.  List those mountains you did not think you would ever be able to climb, but did.  Journal about where you were six months ago and where you are now.  Notice the strength in you.

Action Steps

Take action now.

1. Do something physical this week.  Try a new physical activity.  Build your physical strength.  Work on a yoga pose, go for a 2 mile run,

2.  Leave a comment here about the post, the film, what you think.

One More Thing

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The divine light in me honors the divine light in you,

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