Add this to your toolkit – for your divorce and your life.

Let’s drop down into your heart for a minute. Take 3 really deep breaths with me. Inhale 1……2……3….. and Exhale 3…….2…….1……. Often in my practice I like to say that when you breathe in, you are breathing in healing energy. Take it in. And, as you breathe out, you are breathing out all that does not serve you. To visualize breath intentionally working for your highest good is beautiful. And, on every level it is true.

When you are in your heart and out of your head, you can be more gentle with yourself and others. The heart is accepting. When we dwell in the rational mind, we experience others as obstacles, we don’t see ourselves as good enough or doing what we need to do to further our goals. With the heart, we see that all of us are on the path. We are doing just what we need to do. We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

“The natural law and order of this world is not “for” or “against.” Fundamentally, there is nothing that either threatens or promotes our point of view.” — Chogyam Trungpa

So it is with our heart that we find stillness. Try to take a moment each day to sit and breathe. Start there. If you can, close your eyes or focus your eyes on a point outward and downward. Just breathe and experience the quiet stillness that is at your core. If you can do this for even two minutes a day, your world expands. To begin your morning this way can change the way your day will unfold for you. Beginning in our hearts each morning, we set the groundwork for loving thoughts. Remember it is our thoughts that become our experience of each day.

You can do this also before your mediation begins or before a discussion with your attorney. Do this before you respond to an erratic email from your ex. Clear your mind. Find stillness in your heart. Breathe in healing energy, breathe all that is not serving your highest good. It is very simple. Keep it in your toolkit.


I am safe. Life supports me and I trust it.

Action Steps

Take action now.

1. Make a goal to take two minutes a day to sit in stillness and breathe. Notice how it makes you feel. Journal about what comes up for you in sitting, being alone with your gentle self.

2. Leave a comment here about the post, the film, what you think.

One More Thing

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The divine light in me honors the divine light in you,

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