The Mindful Divorce Mediation System™

Grounding in Self-Made Decisions in Support of Peaceful Co-Parenting.

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 I’m Candace Smyth.  I am a heart-centered family mediator and divorce different™ coach. My clients are women, men and couples with children who struggle with the strains of legal and financial issues that accompany the divorce process, and who would like to move through the process as quickly as possible while staying true to their higher selves through the process.  I serve clients in person in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland and internationally via skype and telephone.

I offer a different approach to mediation.  I don’t believe in mistakes.  I believe you are reading this for a reason.  Having a healing divorce process is within reach.  You decide.

I offer both an hourly plan or packaged service (that includes up to six sessions and a written agreement — tailored for your needs) and guide couples through a mindful and healing process so that they walk out with a divorce agreement and a reformed relationship through which they can lovingly and effectively co-parent their kids after divorce.


Phone Number : (202) 587-2772

Our Office Locations :

  • 1425 K Street NW, Suite 350; Washington, DC (McPherson Square or Farragut North Metro)
  • 1 Research Ct, Suite 450; Rockville, MD

North Star Sessions Program Begins October 20! 

Early Bird Registration Ends September 30.

Mediation Sessions

An alternative program for finalizing your divorce and supporting your transition into a new life.

  • Do you wish you could have a friendly relationship with your spouse after divorce and be loving and effective co-parents?
  • Is it difficult for you to talk with your spouse or partner right now?
  • Have you been looking for a process that does not box you and your spouse in as intimate enemies?

Then you’ve come to the right place.  Click here for more information.